SwiftUI Combine and Data

Learn about Combine, the MVVM architecture, data, notifications and performance hands-on by creating a beautiful SwiftUI application

  1. Intro to SwiftUI Combine and Data
  2. Trackable Scroll View
  3. NavigationLink and Link
  4. Building a Data Model
  5. Loading Data from a JSON file
  6. Creating View Extensions
  7. Coding our ProfileRow
  8. Installing Firebase and Firestore
  9. Fetching Data from Firestore
  10. Displaying Data
  11. TabView with Pagination
  12. Toggle View
  13. Firebase Cloud Messaging and APNs
  14. Configuring Notifications in AppDelegate
  15. Subscribing to Notification Topics
  16. Observing the ScenePhase change
  17. LiteMode and Testing Offline
  18. Debug Navigator and Time Profiler